Saturday mornings meant my late Aunt Kate passed by our house with my cousins and in a convoy including Mum and I, we went to the market.

Honestly I can’t remember when this tradition started but it was one that I looked forward to, as I could chat and play with my cousins whilst we visited  Malam Atta Market in Accra, Ghana.

Mum always bought loads of smoked Fish which had at least 3 large smoked Tilapia added to the basket.

Saturdays were cooking days in our household and one could practically spend the entire day picking leaves, beans, fanning the fire, washing the dishes, grinding spices on a stone, eating and packing all leftovers  into the fridge and freezer respectively.

During my childhood, whilst Mum was cooking I watched as she added  the smoked Tilapia, Water, Ginger, Garlic, Aniseed, Grains of Selim and Onions whilst I was fanning the Coal Pot.

The smoky fishy smell of the stock had a way of making my tummy rumble. The stock was either used to make Okro soup, Light soup or Groundnut soup.

The stock was Mum’s imprint inherited from her Mum, my Grandma.

Today I’m sharing a classic and basic smoked Fish stock recipe that Grandma made , which can be used as a base for most stews, soups, Rice dishes and practically anything that calls for stock.

This stock recipe has been kept simple where Ginger , Garlic and Aniseed have been excluded, as they can be added later or when a recipe requires it.

Introducing the first in the series of amazing West African natural flavours aptly called the ‘Sankofa Series’.
I’ll be delving deeper into the health benefits and more later.

For now enjoy this stock recipe. My next recipe which I’ll share tomorrow includes this Smoked Fish Stock and a traditional Ghanaian condiment.



1 large smoked Tilapia (the best to use, however you can use any smoked Fish of your choosing)

1 large Onion

1 litre of Water

5 Grains of Selim (Hwentia/Etso)

10 Pettie Belle Chillies (Kpakposhito)

1 tablespoonful of Salt



Watch how to prepare this all natural flavour packed stock below; which includes explanations of the flavours.

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