Cured mixed Goat Meat Sauce recipe

Make this West African, spiced mixed Goat Meat sauce and enjoy it with either Rice, Yam, Potatoes, Plantain or Flat Bread.

80g of cured Goat Meat
1kg of marinated and steamed Goat Meat
30ml of your preferred oil
4 large quartered Potatoes
3 large sliced Red Onions or any Onion of your choosing
1 tablespoon of the Goat Meat Marinade
2 tablespoonful of Tomato Pureé
Blend 1 large Bell Pepper and 500g of fresh Tomatoes
1 teaspoonful of Buy Ndudu All Purpose spice (Holy Grail Blend)
1 Habanero Chilli or 1 teaspoonful of Cayenne Pepper
Half a teaspoonful of Buy Ndudu Herby Blend or dried Rosemary
2 dried Bayleaves
1 tablespoonful of the Buy Ndudu Bolu Blend or 1 teaspoonful of blended dried Crayfish or Prawns
Salt to taste

Marinade for the Goat Meat
30g Ginger
3 cloves of Garlic
Quarter of a teaspoon of Anjwain seeds
1 large Onion

Watch how to make this West African spiced Goat Meat Stew below;






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Quick & Creamy Iced Coffee Recipe


Quick & Creamy Iced Coffee recipe using the Senegalese Café Touba which is an African Spiced Coffee. In the absence of the Café Touba you can use Espresso or Coffee Granules for this recipe. Incase you’re feeling adventurous use the ingredients below to create your own Café Touba.


Café Touba
150g of roasted Coffee Beans
1 levelled tablespoon of Guinea Peppers
1 African Nutmeg
5 Cloves
5 Grains of Selim pods (Hwentia/Etso)
10g of fresh Ginger (optional)

Iced Coffee

55g of Café Touba or 2 tablespoonful of Coffee Granules mixed with 3 tablespoonful of hot water
50ml of Condensed Milk
300ml of full fat Whole milk
Ice cubes
Add Brown Sugar to suit your personal taste



Watch how make this quick and creamy Iced Coffee using Café Touba below;


How to make your own Café Touba recipe


Easy Homemade Condensed Milk Recipe

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Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl recipe

Honey Glazed Guinea fowl

Make this quick Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl recipe and thank me later. The flavour profile is that of a sweet, salty and herbaceous nature which compliments the somewhat Haney flavour of the Guinea Fowl

The Herby and Edzè blend from mixed with honey made this recipe.

To achieve this you’ll need to purchase the Palette box from

1.2kg of Guinea Fowl
1 teaspoonful of Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with any herb of your choosing
4 tablespoonful of Olive oil
4 large quartered Onions
5 tablespoonful of Honey
1 teaspoonful of Herby Blend from Buy Ndudu (substitute with an Italian Herb mix)
1 teaspoonful of the Edzè blend from Buy Ndudu (substitute with Lime or Sumac)


Watch how to prepare this quick and flavourful Honey Glazed Guinea Fowl recipe below;

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Grilled Salted Tilapia Recipe

Salted Tilapia Fish recipe

This recipe got me all excited as I watched Marc Wiens Thailand video on YouTube. I had to try this recipe with my own twist as it screamed flavour to me.
The flavour profile of this recipe includes the 5 basic taste principles of Sweet, Sour, Bitterness, Umami and Saltiness.

The Salt bathed Tilapia makes for a crispy and non sticking fish when barbecued hence the Fish keeps it shape. The sweet, sour and tangy sauce that accompanies the Grilled Salted Tilapia makes for a must try dish.

The recipe is tailored to my personal preference, however you can add a teaspoonful of Fish sauce or a pinch of fermented locust beans knows as Dawadawa for that extra Umami flavour. Be adventurous and treat yourself to this incredible Grilled Tilapia recipe.



3 large gutted and descaled whole Tilapias

3 tablespoonful of Pink Himalayan Salt

8 Lemongrass Stalks

10-15 Thai Red Chillies

1 large clove of Garlic

40g of sun dried  Tomatoes marinated in Olive oil

1 medium sized slow roasted Red Bell Pepper

3 large Limes

2 tablespoonful of Cane Sugar / Jaggery or Honey

2 large Banana Shallots or 1 large Onion and 5 Spring Onions

40g of fresh Coriander leaves

4 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil and 2 large Shallots



Watch how to prepare this flavour packed grilled Tilapia recipe below and leave your questions in the comment section below;

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