The Ataadi range of Meaty & Seafood Chilli Sauces (A West African Food Brand)


Ataadi Chilli Sauces
Handcrafted Slow cooked Chilli Sauces

“Ataadi” in the Ewe language from Ghana & Togo means Sauces, Stews and Chillies. The slow cooked Meaty & Seafood Ataadi Chilli sauces encapsulates the Ataadi meaning by offering different flavours and textures within the range.

Over a 10 year period of developing recipes inspired by my West African heritage, I’ve hosted cookery shows on TV, shared almost lost ancient West African cooking methods and written about the health benefits of underrated African ingredients; I decided to launch ; a small West African online deli business specialising in unique clay smoked spice blends, seasonings and chilli sauces after loosing my job in late 2020. Amongst the innovative and creative products available, let me share a little bit of history behind the brand ‘Buy Ndudu’ and in particular the ‘Ataadi Chilli Sauces’.

The ‘Ataadi’ range of sauces honours my Mum’s traditional cooking methods, family secret recipes fused with a modern day interpretation from my 30 years of cooking.

The Ataadi range of sauces are best described as the “Taste of the Sea” and steeped in my heritage (where my village Aflao in the Volta Region of Ghana) is surrounded by the Sea and Coconut trees.

Each Ataadi chilli sauces bottle is made with cold pressed organic Coconut oil, charred Red Peppers, West African Spices and includes chunks of Meat, Seafood and ready to use for your Rice, Pasta, Plantain, Yam, Sandwich, Potatoes dishes etc..

Koobi Chilli Sauces
Clay cooked Meaty & Seafood Chilli Sauces



A total of 8 different flavours make the range of our Ataadi Chilli sauces;

Smoked Hake; cooked in cold pressed Coconut organic oil, charred Red Pepperss & West African spices

Domedo; Apple smoked Pork, smoked Bacon & Smoked Pancetta slow cooked in cold pressed organic Coconut oil, charred Red Peppers & West African spices

Abobi Tadi; Anchovies, Herbs & Green Chillies slow cooked in cold pressed organic Olive oil

Goat Meat & Shrimps; slow cooked in a charred Red Pepper sauce infused with West African spices and in cold pressed organic coconut oil

Toloo Beefy (Cured Beef) with cold pressed organic coconut oil, charred Red Peppers Shrimps & West African spices

Koobi (Cured Fish) with charred Red Peppers, cold pressed organic coconut oil & Shrimps

Black King Prawns with charred Peppers, cold pressed organic coconut oil  & West African Spices

The West African 3 Chilli Vegan Pesto in cold pressed organic coconut oil.


The handcrafted, slow cooked in a ClayPot, Ataadi range of Chilli sauces also honours my heritage and how our ancestors used ClayPots in cooking. The traditional method of slow cooking in a ClayPot requires time to allow the natural flavours of the ingredients to develop perfectly. This method is shunned by most as it’s time consuming and costly.

Buy Ndudu believes in reviving the traditional West African cooking methods and healthy lifestyle through our products. The recipes are exclusive to Buy Ndudu as they’re created by our in house Flavour Creator Fafa; hence you won’t find them anywhere else. The slow cooked Ataadi Chilli sauces are freshly made once a month on a Pre – Order basis, made in small batches using fresh, premium and organic ingredients.

Find recipes on how to use the Spice blends, Seasonings and Chilli Sauces on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’.


Thanks to everyone that has made a purchase, reviewed the products and verified feedback. The general feedback gears towards the nostalgic taste of Grandma’s Chilli Sauces and how one eats it straight from the jar.  Check our TrustPilot and website for feedback.

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