This week without any question has been the most challenging dealing with my IBS flare up, as such my diet has been tailored to help me heal and it’s strictly gluten free.

I craved for my lightly smoked Salmon fillets (from Sainsbury’s) and thought of a refreshing Salad to accompany my dish, as I drove home from work.

My intention was to purchase the Salmon fillets and Cucumber, however I ended up with a weeks worth of groceries including Pre cooked King Prawns, Cockles, Chicken Wings, Tuna Steaks, Shitake Mushrooms, Corn on the Cob, Coconut, Shallots, Lemons , herbs and vegetables just shy of £50.00

My purchases can only mean one thing, more creative gluten free recipes 👌🏾

The Cucumber Salad is refreshing and can be enjoyed on its own or with your preferred protein.



1 large organic Cucumber  £1.75 reduced to 0.80p

2 medium strength Red chillies

1 medium sized thinly sliced Red Onion

1 levelled teaspoon of Nigella seeds (Optional)

240g of lightly smoked Salmon fillets (from Sainsbury’s) £5.75 reduced to £4.00


6 tablespoonful of extra virgin Olive oil

2 tablespoonful of White Wine Vinegar

1 tablespoonful of Rice Wine Vinegar

1 teaspoonful of Fish sauce

1 tablespoonful of Honey

Juice of 1 Lemon or 2 Limes

Salt and Pepper to taste.



Watch how to prepare this beautiful refreshing Salad and other creative Salad recipes on my YouTube channel,  ‘Ndudu by Fafa’, below;

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London has been blessed with sunshine this week and it’s just beautiful (apart from the high pollen count). I made this simple and equally tasty recipe yesterday for dinner, using ingredients I had readily available in my Kitchen.

I sliced and grilled the Aubergines for a smoky flavour, used finely diced and de seeded Red chillies for that residual heat, White Wine Vinegar for the slight sour taste, Almonds and Parmesan shavings for the added crunch and creaminess.

Why not try this recipe for dinner later and share your experience 😘



1 large Aubergine

2 tablespoonful of Olive oil

1 teaspoonful of Balsamic glaze

20g of Parmesan shavings


2 medium strength de seeded Red chillies

1 teaspoonful of Nigella seeds or 1 finely chopped, small Red Onion

2 tablespoonful of White Wine Vinegar

5 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

30g of Almond flakes or toasted Pine nuts

20g of chopped Parsley

Salt and milled Black Pepper to taste


Place your griddle pan on a medium heat.

Wash and slice your Aubergines in a disc shape

Place the Aubergines in a bowl and add 2 tablespoonful of Olive oil and Salt.  Mix till well combined.

Carefully place each Aubergine disc in your griddle pan and grill for 3 minutes on each side.

Whilst the Aubergines are cooking make your dressing.

Add the Red Chillies, your preferred Onion (Red Onions or Nigella Seeds), Parsley, Almond Flakes, White Wine Vinegar, Olive oil, Salt and Pepper to taste.

Mix everything together till it’s well combined.



Remove each Aubergine disc from the griddle pan and place it on a plate .

Scoop  a teaspoonful of your dressing on top of each Aubergine disc.

Top each disc with a Parmesan shaving. (use a Potato peeler for a beautiful curly shaving).

For that added je ne sais quoi, drizzle with  a little Balsamic glaze.


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Whilst compiling a list of quick lunch ideas, I couldn’t help but wonder what people across the world had for lunch.

I find Rice as the quickest meal option to make, provided one has already made their stew to accompany it. Then again rice can be enjoyed with most things.

Enjoy my compilation and feel free to leave comments with what you had for lunch today.

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Can I, Shall I, Will I?

Can I, Shall I, Will I?


How many times have you had an idea and at the same time talk yourself out of it? Worst still, share your idea with friends or families only to be laughed at and ridiculed.

I remember sharing my idea of creative African cooking and the ridicule I got from some family members and friends.  It did hurt my feelings and had me second guessing my passion. I tried to brush off their negativity  and convince myself I was on the right path. There were days that I doubted  myself, especially when I uploaded a picture of my creation and received a few back lash from ‘ purist’ (as I affectionately call😡).

The backlash from a few disgruntled ‘purists’ went as far as describing me as a sellout and not representing the continent in its original form. I realised most people understood my creativity and others were lost, since they could not fit me into a relatable box.

0519ED09-C61B-4E41-9270-F772B480E7B0When I started fusing different cultures into West African dishes I quickly realised it was a new ‘thing’ and a section not explored. Understanding the change I was trying to bring to the West African culinary scene helped me deal with some of the backlash.

Living in the diaspora meant you did not  have access to some African ingredients, hence improvising and finding substitutes helps one to enjoy their heritage dishes (without compromising on flavour). Example: Spinach is used instead of Kontomire (Cocoyam leaves) for most Kontomire related dishes.

I kept posting pictures (Instagram), recipes (Blog) and halted posting videos on my YouTube channel for 18 months, whilst I tried to build my confidence. (Don’t be surprised).

It was during my picture posting moments, that I got the ‘break’. I posted a Mother’s Day Ghanaian breakfast inspiration photo, by which Tina Atiemo called to say a television station was looking to include a Cookery show to their content. Tina facilitated the conversation and within the same week contracts were signed and I got my own Cookery Show, with ABNTV.

The Cookery show was a boost of confidence especially in my decision of specialised West African recipes. Quickly after that I had the opportunity to talk about my passion and my dream on BBC Africa. It goes to show, the worst thing you could ever do is give up on yourself.

I signed up with John Noel Management and featured as a guest Chef on ITV This Morning a few times, which was an incredible experience.

Every experience made me more resilient and knowledgeable which when combined with my positive outlook to life screams ‘Keep going’.

You will have to come back and read more in another post about my journey so far. I hope this post helps someone out there to not give up on themselves.  It’s not easy but it’s in your attitude.❤️




The Fulani’s (from the Northern part of Ghana) first introduced Wagashi (The only Ghanaian Cheese) into Ghana.
The Cheese is made from Cows milk and it’s naturally delicate in taste or salty depending on the amount of salt used.
Milk is mixed with the pounded bark of a Sodom Plant tree, Salted, drained and boiled till it solidifies to make Wagashi.
The Salt acts as a preservative and in some cases the cheese is soaked into a Millet leaf brine for a pinkish colour.
Unlike most Cheeses, Wagashi does not melt at high temperatures, however when fried it has a soft and fluffy texture.
Wagashi is readily available to purchase in Nima (a suburb of Accra) which is inhabited my most Northerners of Ghana.
Wagashi can be fried or grilled and added to Stews, Soups , Jollof rice etc
I decided to experiment with flavours by combining a sweet and salty taste together. With that in mind I opted for the ever green and intensely sweet Fanti Pineapple (as Mum calls it) and topped it up with a scented Ghanaian Basil leaves and Olive oil.
For that added play on textures and temperatures, the Pineapple is chilled with the Wagashi served warm.
This simple and tasty recipe plays on ones sensory taste buds with an enhanced sweet and salty flavour;



1 medium sized, peeled and sliced Fanti Pineapple (slice it length ways)

3 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Oil

10g of scented Ghanaian Basil leaves (Koklo Gbe~) (Akoko Mesa)
3 tablespoonful of Coconut oil
200g of Wagashi Cheese
2 fresh finely diced Green chillies
Salt to taste
Place a sliced Pineapple to a bowl and refrigerate
Slice the Wagashi lengthways and set aside
Add the Coconut oil to a frying pan and place on a medium heat.
After 1 minute add the Wagashi and fry for about 2 minutes on each side.
Whilst the Wagashi is frying, add the chopped Ghanaian Basil to a bowl with the green Chillies, Olive oil and salt to taste.
Be mindful of the amount of Salt you use, as Wagashi can be very salty
To serve
Take the Pineapple out of the fridge and place the warm Wagashi on top of the cold Pineapple.
Drizzle it with your slightly spiced Ghanaian Basil dressing and serve immediately.
This works as a perfect starter for any occasion, event, restaurant or better still a perfect way to treat yourself.
This is a must try recipe and I’ll love to hear your feedback. Watch how to incorporate new flavours to your dish and how to match the types of flavours.
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I knew I had to put a smile on Mums face, as I quickly dashed into the Kitchen to create a quick healthy meal.

The organic and naturally sun ripened Mangoes with the creamy Avocado (which is popularly known as ‘Pear Nku’ in Ghana) makes this dish incredible. It’s simple but packed with natural flavours and a must try recipe.


I diced the sun-ripened Mangoes, creamy Avocado that I purchased from a beautiful lady into a bowl, drizzled it with Olive oil and the juice of half a Tangelo.

Whilst mixing the Avocado, Mango and Ghanaian Basil together my thoughts wandered to my little brother, as my throat choked with tears.

I avoid talking about my little brothers death, however the days are numbered for his funeral. I’m aware I cannot run away from it………

Mum enjoyed her portion, gave me ‘the’ nod of approval and thanked me. I liked that❤️.  I suggested Mum and I went exploring , which was a perfect thing to do.

I hope you’re inspired to try the recipe.



1 large peeled and diced Sun ripened Mango

1 large, peeled and diced Avocado

The juice of 1 medium sized Tangelo or Lime

2 tablespoonful of Olive oil

15g of shredded Ghanaian Basil, Nigerian Scent leaves or Basil

Optional Salt to taste


Add all the above ingredients to a bowl and mix till it’s well combined. Serve with croutons and add more green salad leaves and herbs, like Rocket, Mint, Coriander etc

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The smoky smell of barbecues, the chats, laughter, the odd loud drunks scream, the happy music and general ‘feel good’ atmosphere across the country is intoxicating to say the least. The walk through parks, trying to find a secluded place for a picnic can be challenging to say the least, however it’s a great opportunity to make new friends or better still invite a few friends over for a West African barbecue experience.

I’ve carefully selected 10 unique recipes of West African origin or influence  for your next picnic. Most ingredients are readily available across the UK in either independent grocers or supermarkets.






Jollof rice cannot be omitted from a West African picnic basket. It’s an identity badge saying ‘I’m West African’, however be warned, you might be addicted to this dish or better still caught up in the ongoing dispute of ‘Which West African country makes the best Jollof’. Best way to win that argument is to say ‘Shh!  Jollof originated from the Wolof tribe of SeneGambia’. How can you beat the originators of the dish?😜 Watch how to create this Jollof rice recipe infused with Corned Beef above.





The next dish which should be included is the ultimate  Ghanaian Meat Pie. It’s best served with a bottle of chilled Coca Cola, Muscatela, Mirinda, Fanta (you know where I’m going with this). This dish is filled with nostalgia as it was and still is a favourite served at most parties. Ensure your pies are packed with a good amount of filling (no stinginess) and a crumbly crust by the following the recipe above.



Moinmoin (a gluten free steamed pudding) is made from deskinned black eyed beans mixed with Peppers, Tomatoes and Spices. Include smoked Mackerel, Prawns or Eggs for that added flavour. this classic Nigerian dish, I fell in love with it. I’ve included it to the list as it’s nutritious, packed with flavours and filling. It can be eaten hot or cold and works perfectly with any grilled Meat or Vegetable.




Now what’s Agbeli Kaklo (Cassava Fritters) doing here? Agbeli Kaklo is made from grated Cassava/Yuca/Manioc that’s spiced, fried and enjoyed with Coconut.

Do you want to see the remaining recipes that made this list?

Watch the video  below for the full list and more.


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