This week without any question has been the most challenging dealing with my IBS flare up, as such my diet has been tailored to help me heal and it’s strictly gluten free.

I craved for my lightly smoked Salmon fillets (from Sainsbury’s) and thought of a refreshing Salad to accompany my dish, as I drove home from work.

My intention was to purchase the Salmon fillets and Cucumber, however I ended up with a weeks worth of groceries including Pre cooked King Prawns, Cockles, Chicken Wings, Tuna Steaks, Shitake Mushrooms, Corn on the Cob, Coconut, Shallots, Lemons , herbs and vegetables just shy of £50.00

My purchases can only mean one thing, more creative gluten free recipes 👌🏾

The Cucumber Salad is refreshing and can be enjoyed on its own or with your preferred protein.



1 large organic Cucumber  £1.75 reduced to 0.80p

2 medium strength Red chillies

1 medium sized thinly sliced Red Onion

1 levelled teaspoon of Nigella seeds (Optional)

240g of lightly smoked Salmon fillets (from Sainsbury’s) £5.75 reduced to £4.00


6 tablespoonful of extra virgin Olive oil

2 tablespoonful of White Wine Vinegar

1 tablespoonful of Rice Wine Vinegar

1 teaspoonful of Fish sauce

1 tablespoonful of Honey

Juice of 1 Lemon or 2 Limes

Salt and Pepper to taste.



Watch how to prepare this beautiful refreshing Salad and other creative Salad recipes on my YouTube channel,  ‘Ndudu by Fafa’, below;

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