London has been blessed with sunshine this week and it’s just beautiful (apart from the high pollen count). I made this simple and equally tasty recipe yesterday for dinner, using ingredients I had readily available in my Kitchen.

I sliced and grilled the Aubergines for a smoky flavour, used finely diced and de seeded Red chillies for that residual heat, White Wine Vinegar for the slight sour taste, Almonds and Parmesan shavings for the added crunch and creaminess.

Why not try this recipe for dinner later and share your experience 😘



1 large Aubergine

2 tablespoonful of Olive oil

1 teaspoonful of Balsamic glaze

20g of Parmesan shavings


2 medium strength de seeded Red chillies

1 teaspoonful of Nigella seeds or 1 finely chopped, small Red Onion

2 tablespoonful of White Wine Vinegar

5 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

30g of Almond flakes or toasted Pine nuts

20g of chopped Parsley

Salt and milled Black Pepper to taste


Place your griddle pan on a medium heat.

Wash and slice your Aubergines in a disc shape

Place the Aubergines in a bowl and add 2 tablespoonful of Olive oil and Salt.  Mix till well combined.

Carefully place each Aubergine disc in your griddle pan and grill for 3 minutes on each side.

Whilst the Aubergines are cooking make your dressing.

Add the Red Chillies, your preferred Onion (Red Onions or Nigella Seeds), Parsley, Almond Flakes, White Wine Vinegar, Olive oil, Salt and Pepper to taste.

Mix everything together till it’s well combined.



Remove each Aubergine disc from the griddle pan and place it on a plate .

Scoop  a teaspoonful of your dressing on top of each Aubergine disc.

Top each disc with a Parmesan shaving. (use a Potato peeler for a beautiful curly shaving).

For that added je ne sais quoi, drizzle with  a little Balsamic glaze.


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