Cured mixed Goat Meat Sauce recipe

Make this West African, spiced mixed Goat Meat sauce and enjoy it with either Rice, Yam, Potatoes, Plantain or Flat Bread.

80g of cured Goat Meat
1kg of marinated and steamed Goat Meat
30ml of your preferred oil
4 large quartered Potatoes
3 large sliced Red Onions or any Onion of your choosing
1 tablespoon of the Goat Meat Marinade
2 tablespoonful of Tomato Pureé
Blend 1 large Bell Pepper and 500g of fresh Tomatoes
1 teaspoonful of Buy Ndudu All Purpose spice (Holy Grail Blend)
1 Habanero Chilli or 1 teaspoonful of Cayenne Pepper
Half a teaspoonful of Buy Ndudu Herby Blend or dried Rosemary
2 dried Bayleaves
1 tablespoonful of the Buy Ndudu Bolu Blend or 1 teaspoonful of blended dried Crayfish or Prawns
Salt to taste

Marinade for the Goat Meat
30g Ginger
3 cloves of Garlic
Quarter of a teaspoon of Anjwain seeds
1 large Onion

Watch how to make this West African spiced Goat Meat Stew below;






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