Grilled Salted Tilapia Recipe

Salted Tilapia Fish recipe

This recipe got me all excited as I watched Marc Wiens Thailand video on YouTube. I had to try this recipe with my own twist as it screamed flavour to me.
The flavour profile of this recipe includes the 5 basic taste principles of Sweet, Sour, Bitterness, Umami and Saltiness.

The Salt bathed Tilapia makes for a crispy and non sticking fish when barbecued hence the Fish keeps it shape. The sweet, sour and tangy sauce that accompanies the Grilled Salted Tilapia makes for a must try dish.

The recipe is tailored to my personal preference, however you can add a teaspoonful of Fish sauce or a pinch of fermented locust beans knows as Dawadawa for that extra Umami flavour. Be adventurous and treat yourself to this incredible Grilled Tilapia recipe.



3 large gutted and descaled whole Tilapias

3 tablespoonful of Pink Himalayan Salt

8 Lemongrass Stalks

10-15 Thai Red Chillies

1 large clove of Garlic

40g of sun dried  Tomatoes marinated in Olive oil

1 medium sized slow roasted Red Bell Pepper

3 large Limes

2 tablespoonful of Cane Sugar / Jaggery or Honey

2 large Banana Shallots or 1 large Onion and 5 Spring Onions

40g of fresh Coriander leaves

4 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut oil and 2 large Shallots



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