Smoky Brown Rice Angwa Mo recipe

Happy Independence Day Ghana!

In celebration of a 64 year milestone, I created this Brown Rice recipe infusing both Ghana’s smoked Tilapia and Prawn Shito (Black Chilli oil).

In my previous post I made an all natural smoked Fish stock using smoked Tilapia.

The stock has been used as a base for this creative Rice dish. The recipe was inspired by both the classic Ghanaian Angwa Mo (spiced oil Rice) and Shinkafa (Brown Rice dish cooked in a Tomato and SeaFood stock).

The flavoured Brown Rice was served with Chicken stew and a side salad.

To make this creative  Brown Rice Angwa Mo, you’ll need the following;



750ml of the smoked Fish stock

200g of smoked Fish pieces

1 large sliced Onion

2 Bay leaves (optional). You can substitute it with Rosemary

300g of Brown Rice

4 tablespoonful of a Prawn based Shito (Black Chilli Oil)

Salt and Pepper to taste



Watch how to prepare this all natural flavoured Brown Rice Angwa Mo below;

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