The West African Designer Stew called Ayamase

A West African Designer Stew

Inspired by the Nigerian Designer stew known as Ayamase , is this incredible recipe which can be used for a plethora of recipes.

Traditionally bleached Palm oil, fermented locust beans and CrayFish are included in this recipe.

I’ve substituted the bleached Palm oil with Peanut Oil, Cray Fish for smoked dried Herrings and in the absence of fermented locust beans you can use Fish sauce or mix your oil with truffle oil.

If you’re in the diaspora and don’t have access to smoked Herrings you can grill Prawns and Scallops and use as substitutes.


4 large Red Bell Peppers or Ramiro Peppers

5 Red large mild Chillies

1 Habanero Chilli

3 large Onions or Banana Shallots

5 Jalapeños or Green Chillies

350g of crushed Smoked Herrings / CrayFish powder/ Shrimp Powder

1 teaspoonful of fermented Locust Beans/ Fish sauce/ Truffle Oil

50ml of bleached Palm oil/ Peanut oil

2 optional Bay Leaves

1 tablespoonful of optional Aniseed

1 levelled tablespoon of Salt

1kg of your preferred cooked assortment of Meat. I used Lamb for this recipe

6 boiled Eggs


Watch how to cook this incredible Nigerian Designer stew below;


Traditionally the Ayamase stew is served with Ofada Rice (native Nigerian Rice) and fried Plantain (Dodo). I served mine with a bowl of Brown Rice.

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