The healthier Jewelled Gari Fortor recipe

In my previous recipe I shared how to make the tastiest Tuna and Vegetables stew. A must watch and a recipe to try during this bank holiday weekend.

In the absence of Gari you can use Fonio, Quinoa or Couscous.

For the jewelled Gari Fortor recipe you’ll need the following;


300g of Gari / Couscous

200g of the Tuna and Vegetables stew

50-70ml of cold Water

30g of chopped Spring Onions

2 sliced mild Chillies

1 tin of Tuna

Salt and Pepper to taste

This recipe can be enjoyed on its own or added to Beans, Rice, Waakye etc

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Watch how to make this decadent and equally healthier Gari Fortor recipe below;

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