Homemade Krispy Fried Chicken

Fridays are my days of indulgence and as such I created this aromatic Crispy Fried Chicken. I served this with some Yam fries , Green Chilli sauce and a side Salad. The Salad was to ease my guilt as I bit into each juicy crispy Chicken. Go ahead and treat yourself.

Please preheat your Oven to 140*c and place your fried Chicken in till you’re ready to eat. It keeps it warm whilst you fry your Chips.



1kg of Chicken Drumsticks

1 teaspoonful of dried Rosemary

2 levelled tablespoon of freshly milled Black Peppercorns

5 tablespoonful of Greek or Natural Yoghurt/ Buttermilk or Kefir

1 tablespoonful of Green Chilli sauce

300ml of Vegetable oil for frying

Salt to taste



1 cup of Plain flour or All Purpose flour

1 tablespoonful of Corn Starch

1 teaspoon of Salt

1 tablespoon of Chinese 5 spice mix (readily available in most grocers)

2 cups of Cold Water in a deep bowl



Serve with Yam fries and Green Chilli sauce.


Watch how to prepare this incredible Chicken recipe below;

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