Easy French Fries Recipe

Do we still say ‘Thank God it’s Friday’? And look forward to Fridays as we did in the past? A day that signified a break from going into the office and catching up on your shopping, cleaning, cooking, socialising etc

Anyway I’ve uploaded a step by step recipe guide on how to make your own French Fries using Yam. The recipe also works perfectly with Potatoes.
I’ve shared tips on how to reduce the slight bitterness that Fried Yam can sometimes have.


400g of sliced Yam French Fries

1 tablespoonful of Sugar

1 teaspoon of Salt

1 tablespoonful of Beef Fat/Dripping/Salted Beef (optional)

1 litre of Water

200ml of Vegetable/ Peanut Oil for frying


Enjoy your French Fries with Grilled Mackerel and my Homemade Green Chilli sauce.


Watch how to make this tasty Yam French Fries below;

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