Easy Vegan Papaya /Pawpaw Pudding

During one of my many conversations with Mum, she revealed her favourite childhood  Vegan pudding Grandpa made for the family. A pudding made from fresh Corn, Peanuts and sweetened with ripened PawPaw (Papaya). that were all harvested from the farm.

When Mums vibration of pitch heightens, I know it’s a great memory of hers and I feel more connected hearing her tales. She emphasised the pudding was a treat that GrandPa treated the family to as a thank you for their hard work at the farm.

Mum explained during her childhood Sugar was an expensive ingredient, hence they relied  on fruits and vegetables such as , Papaya, Pineapple Sweet Potatoes etc to sweeten most of their dishes.

I wanted to recreate that feeling and memory again for Mum, particularly when my Aunties from the Togolese side of my family visited (pre Corona era).

I quickly got the 3 main ingredients required for the recipe and under the tutelage of Mum recreated her childhood fond memory.

The stories and fondness associated with this pudding meant I had to share this recipe as it has become one of my favourite all natural pudding.

Inspired by this memory I created another version


200g of soaked Raw Peanuts for a minimum of 2 hours

300g of fresh Corn Kernels

1 litre of Water

1 large ripened PawPaw/Papaya

Pinch of Salt to taste


Watch how to prepare this PawPaw/Papaya pudding recipe below;

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