Amazing Vegan Green Plantain recipe

In Ghana, Plantain chips (made from fried Green Plantains) are a favourite snack amongst the locals .

It’s mesmerising watching the Plantain Chips seller, peel, slice and fry the Plantain right before your eyes. The buttery golden colour, crunchy texture and naturally sweet nature of the Plantain chips topped with roasted Peanuts will have you smiling and snacking more.

It was interesting to discover the same Green Plantain cooked in a different way in both Jamaica  and Puerto Rico where I’ve paid homage to in the recipe. A perfect vegan and gluten free snack that works perfectly for Canapés.

Green Plantain is available in all African and Caribbean grocers and some supermarkets in the UK also do stock them.



2 large peeled Green Plantains

200ml of Vegetable/Peanut oil for frying

Optional sprig of fresh Rosemary

Salt to taste

I’ve also created another recipe where I used Green Plantain for Akara. This recipe has amassed over 100,000 views and it’s a must try. Please note you can omit the Egg from this recipe to make a  Vegan version.


Watch how to prepare this incredible Gluten free Plantain snack below;

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