Bite me! Listen to the crunch and savour the sweet softness of each bite.Be careful! Don’t burn your tongue. Who doesn’t like hot doughnuts? It’s a firm favourite in Ghana and it’s found in most street corners across the country , particularly at breakfast and lunch time.

I enjoyed this on my last visit to Ghana and craved it today. Nigerians refer to the doughnuts as Puff Puff, the Congolese Mikate, Liberians as Kala, most francophone states refer to it as Beignet and there a similar versions known as Mandazi in Eastern and Southern Africa.
There are two types of Bofrot, Boflot, Togbei (affectionately called in Ghana). I’ve written and videoed the recipe for the wet version. This recipe is the dry version, which has a ‘bready consistency’ and a beautiful outer crunch.

I’ve substituted Milk for Yoghurt in this recipe, as I find it makes the dough softer and helps it to rise quickly. Secondly, the introduction of Yoghurt and water prevents the doughnut from browning too quickly , hence you’re guaranteed a perfectly cooked doughnut.

Watch how to make this classic snack on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’. Don’t forget to subscribe and share.


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