Enjoy this Gluten free and equally spicy fried black eyed bean fritters, known as Koose in Ghana or Akara in Nigeria. This recipe includes how to peel the skins off your beans and the secret to a fluffy Koose or Akara. It’s a must try recipe and can be used in place of bread for sandwiches. Be creative with your fillings and thank me later.


In Ghana, for breakfast,  Koose  is enjoyed with Hausa Koko, (which is made from Millet) or Koko (which is made from milled fermented corn).



You can purchase, already peeled Black eyed Beans online or in most Asian grocers for a stress free and quick recipe. Ensure to wash the beans a few times to get rid off a few remaining skins. You’ll need the following;


200g of peeled black eyed beans

1 large Habanero chilli

2 medium sized Onions

20g of chopped Spring Onions (Optional)

60ml of water

Salt to taste


Watch how make KOOSE or AKARA by watching the video below and don’t forget to subscribe and share.


All photos, videos and recipes are by the owner of this blog.


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