Quick Spicy Tilapia Stir Fry recipe

Quick, no fuss and flavour packed Spicy Tilapia Stir fry recipe.

500g of Tilapia / Cod Fillets
1 teaspoonful of Rose Harissa
1 teaspoonful of Edzè blend or 1 tablespoonful of Lemon zest or a teaspoon of Lemon juice
4 tablespoonful of acorn Starch
1 Habanero Chilli/ Scotch Bonnet/ 5 Kasoa Peppers/ 10 Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chillies)
1 beaten Egg
250ml of your preferred oil for frying
Salt to taste

1 large Green Bell Pepper
200g of sliced Cabbage
1 sliced large Red Onion
1 teaspoonful of Rose Harissa (from buyndudu.com)
1 teaspoonful of smoked Shrimp blend (Bolu Seasoning) – from https://www.buyndudu.com
100g of chopped Cherry or Baby Plum Tomatoes
Salt to taste

All Natural Spice blends and Seasonings https://www.buyndudu.com


Watch how to prepare this quick, flavour packed Fish stir fry recipe below;

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