Cabbage Stew made easy (Sweetheart Cabbage)

Sweetheart Cabbage is a variety of the Cabbage family. The Sweetheart Cabbage is tender and sweeter in comparison to the popular Cabbage used in most household.

In the absence of Sweetheart Cabbage you can use the normal one.

The stew is also made with smoked Bacon Lardons, Chorizo and salted Goat Meat which gives the dish an incredible Umami flavour.

2 Sweetheart Cabbages or your normal Cabbage
2 large Onions
20g of diced salted Goat Meat/Beef
300g of diced Chorizo
250g of Smoked Bacon Lardons
3 Grains of Selim (Hwentia) or half a teaspoon of freshly milled Black Peppercorns
2 tablespoonful of Tomato Purée
1 teaspoonful of Chilli flakes
1 medium size diced Yellow, Red and Green Bell Peppers
2 medium size diced Carrots
6 tablespoonful of Groundnut or Vegetable Oil
7 fresh Basil leaves
Salt and Pepper to taste


150g of sun ripened Tomatoes
1 large Red Bell Pepper
1 teaspoonful of Aniseed
1 teaspoonful of Cumin seeds
3 cloves of Garlic
3 mild Red Chillies
5 smoked Shrimps or CrayFish
20g of Ginger

Best enjoyed with a steamed bowl of Rice, Spaghetti, Boiled Potatoes, Yam, Plantain or your preferred Carbohydrate.


Watch how to prepare this flavour packed stew below;

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