Can we call this Jollof? Ma Tricky Wo Jollof Rice Recipe

Controversy alert!

In a world where lockdown is the new normal, ones mental health can suffer; however creating a little controversy here and there does help especially in the Kitchen or?

Okay! Hear me out… hmm…so Jollof Rice to the eye must have that distinctive  deep Orange colour, be well spiced and have a smoky undertone flavour. Tackling the ‘colour’ issue technically means this Smoked Shrimp Red Rice recipe passes as Jollof Rice or?

Traditionally, one uses Tomatoes and Tomato Purée to achieve the distinctive deep Orange colour, however this dish omits them as the colour is derived from the Smoked Shrimps.

Now that I’ve made my argument, I would like to know, is it in the process of cooking Jollof Rice and or sticking to the sacred ingredients that qualifies it as Jollof Rice?

Leave your comments below and let’s have this discussion.



200g of Smoked Shrimps, Prawns or Crayfish

2 large Banana Shallots or any Onion of your choosing

4 tablespoonful of your preferred oil for frying

1 teaspoonful of Chilli flakes

1 tablespoonful of Cumin seeds

6 Black Peppercorns

5 Sichuan Peppercorns /1 teaspoon of Aniseed / 2 Star Anise

2 tablespoonfuls of a Ginger, Garlic, Onion and Aniseed blend

350g of soaked Basmati Rice

150ml of Water or your preferred stock

30g of chopped Spring Onions

1 tablespoonful of Organic Coconut oil

2 Bay leaves

Salt to taste



Serve with a portion of my Okra Stir fry, Grilled Salmon or your preferred protein.



Watch how to prepare this ‘Ma Trick Wo Jollof Rice’ recipe below;

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