The healthiest West African drink called Zomkoum

Enjoy this super healthy spiced Millet drink, ZomKom recipe (which is synonymous with the Northerners from Ghana) .

Millet (Bajra seeds) are alkaline, which means it’s easy to digest.  It hydrates your colon, it’s gluten free, helps lower and  maintain a good cholesterol level (Vitamin B3) , a good source of protein to mention but a few.

You can serve this drink with Evaporated Milk or natural Yoghurt, however I omitted it from this recipe.

Millet flour which will be available soon on

You can use whole Millet that has been soaked for 3 days (to allow fermentation to take place) for this recipe.

This is a quick and fuss free recipe which is steeped in so much goodness.



300g of Millet flour

1 litre of Water

500ml of fermented Whey

10 Cloves

50g of Ginger

5 dried Chillies

100g of Honey or Sugar ( Adjust the sweetness level to your personal preference)

100ml of Evaporated Milk (optional) or add natural Yoghurt



Serve chilled or with Ice cubes



Watch how to make this healthy West African drink below;

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