Coconut Curry Rice

Enjoy this budget friendly and equally delicious Coconut Curry Rice recipe with a few ingredients.


200g of Basmati/ Long grain or Jasmine Rice

250ml of Coconut Milk

60g of Butter or Coconut oil

3 dried Chillies or 1 teaspoon of Chilli flakes

1 Cinnamon stick

1 tablespoonful of Cumin seeds

1 tablespoonful of Curry Powder

Half a teaspoon of Salt


With this versatile recipe you can add some shredded Chicken, Eggs, Mushrooms, varied Vegetables etc that’s readily available to you to make fried Rice.

Alternatively you can serve it with either Lamb or Fish stew and some steamed Vegetables, all of which are available on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’.


Watch how to prepare this easy and equally delicious Curry Coconut Rice recipe below;

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