The healthiest West African drink called Zomkoum

Enjoy this super healthy spiced Millet drink, ZomKom recipe (which is synonymous with the Northerners from Ghana) .

Millet (Bajra seeds) are alkaline, which means it’s easy to digest.  It hydrates your colon, it’s gluten free, helps lower and  maintain a good cholesterol level (Vitamin B3) , a good source of protein to mention but a few.

You can serve this drink with Evaporated Milk or natural Yoghurt, however I omitted it from this recipe.

Millet flour which will be available soon on

You can use whole Millet that has been soaked for 3 days (to allow fermentation to take place) for this recipe.

This is a quick and fuss free recipe which is steeped in so much goodness.



300g of Millet flour

1 litre of Water

500ml of fermented Whey

10 Cloves

50g of Ginger

5 dried Chillies

100g of Honey or Sugar ( Adjust the sweetness level to your personal preference)

100ml of Evaporated Milk (optional) or add natural Yoghurt



Serve chilled or with Ice cubes



Watch how to make this healthy West African drink below;

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Easy Homemade Cottage Cheese recipe

In my previous recipe post I made the West African Cheese known as Wagashi and proceeded to also make Cottage Cheese with the remaining Organic Whole Meal I had left.

The process of making Cottage Cheese is similar to making Wagashi. The similarities end where the Curd is separated from the Whey for Cottage Cheese.

In making of the Wagashi I used distilled White Vinegar, whereas for the Cottage Cheese I used Lime juice and infused the whole milk with Lemongrass.

You can omit the Lemongrass all together and also use Lemon instead of Lime.


4 pints or 2.2 litres of Organic Whole Milk

4 juice of Limes or 2 Lemons

2 optional crushed Lemongrass stalks

Please note you’ll need a Cheese Cloth for this recipe. In the absence of a Cheese Cloth, you can use an old washed and cleaned Pillow case.



You can serve your Cottage Cheese with any stewed fruit and drizzle with optional honey. Add some Cottage Cheese to your scrambled Eggs for a flavour packed Brunch or Lunch.


Watch how to make your own flavoured Cottage Cheese below;

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The Fulani’s (from the Northern part of Ghana) first introduced Wagashi (The only Ghanaian Cheese) into Ghana.
The Cheese is made from Cows milk and it’s naturally delicate in taste or salty depending on the amount of salt used.
Milk is mixed with the pounded bark of a Sodom Plant tree, Salted, drained and boiled till it solidifies to make Wagashi.
The Salt acts as a preservative and in some cases the cheese is soaked into a Millet leaf brine for a pinkish colour.
Unlike most Cheeses, Wagashi does not melt at high temperatures, however when fried it has a soft and fluffy texture.
Wagashi is readily available to purchase in Nima (a suburb of Accra) which is inhabited my most Northerners of Ghana.
Wagashi can be fried or grilled and added to Stews, Soups , Jollof rice etc
I decided to experiment with flavours by combining a sweet and salty taste together. With that in mind I opted for the ever green and intensely sweet Fanti Pineapple (as Mum calls it) and topped it up with a scented Ghanaian Basil leaves and Olive oil.
For that added play on textures and temperatures, the Pineapple is chilled with the Wagashi served warm.
This simple and tasty recipe plays on ones sensory taste buds with an enhanced sweet and salty flavour;



1 medium sized, peeled and sliced Fanti Pineapple (slice it length ways)

3 tablespoonful of Extra Virgin Oil

10g of scented Ghanaian Basil leaves (Koklo Gbe~) (Akoko Mesa)
3 tablespoonful of Coconut oil
200g of Wagashi Cheese
2 fresh finely diced Green chillies
Salt to taste
Place a sliced Pineapple to a bowl and refrigerate
Slice the Wagashi lengthways and set aside
Add the Coconut oil to a frying pan and place on a medium heat.
After 1 minute add the Wagashi and fry for about 2 minutes on each side.
Whilst the Wagashi is frying, add the chopped Ghanaian Basil to a bowl with the green Chillies, Olive oil and salt to taste.
Be mindful of the amount of Salt you use, as Wagashi can be very salty
To serve
Take the Pineapple out of the fridge and place the warm Wagashi on top of the cold Pineapple.
Drizzle it with your slightly spiced Ghanaian Basil dressing and serve immediately.
This works as a perfect starter for any occasion, event, restaurant or better still a perfect way to treat yourself.
This is a must try recipe and I’ll love to hear your feedback. Watch how to incorporate new flavours to your dish and how to match the types of flavours.
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