Interestingly Pizza is a favourite dish consumed in Ghana. It’s populariy over the years across the country has encouraged a few Pizzerias across the country.

The idea of making my own Pizza with the flavours I love encouraged me to create this recipe. The smokiness was inspired by my Mum’s char grilling of Tomatoes for sauces and a friends advise on how to get the stone baked smoky flavour for my flat bread.

With these knowledge I combined the two processes and ended up with a flavour packed customised Pizza that’s easy to emulate.

The bread mix includes natural Yoghurt, which gives the dough a nice tangy flavour and makes it soft.


I’ve started the ‘Ndudu by Fafa Simple supper series’ to encourage everyone to cook from scratch with the help of my Kitchen hacks.

Tip: When baking bread, please don’t add salt directly to the yeast. It kills the yeast.

One can be creative about the toppings they use for their Pizza. Try using The Ghanaian smoked Tuna, Keta  School boys etc as an alternative. You can omit the Cheese if you don’t have access to it, since the smoky salsa is packed full of flavour.

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The first episode of the series was making of the smoky sauce , which I’ll be using to make this Pizza.



330g of bread flour

1 tablespoonful of  natural Yoghurt

2 tablespoonful of Olive oil

10g of yeast

Salt to taste.

Extra Mature Cheddar or Mozzarella

Oregano/ Parsley/ Coriander

100g of the Smoky salsa sauce

Choice of your own toppings


Watch how to prepare your own Pizza with easy to follow step by step guide.

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