Staring at my clock, realising I had 15 minutes to leave the house and  no packed  lunch for the office , prompted my abrupt  decision.

Before I could talk my self out of cooking something from scratch, I found myself washing the rice, warming the stew up and basically making Jollof rice for my lunch.

Looking back that was a crazy decision, coupled with the fact that I decided to film the recipe as well. I knew once everything was mixed in, it was a matter of trapping the the steam to cook the rice quickly . I rinsed the rice till the water was clear and steeped it in hot water. Once I had fried the Halloumi, warmed the stew up, added the rice and water, I knew I couldn’t back down from my decision.



Surprisingly it was one of the best meals I’ve cooked and my husband polished the rest off before I could say ‘NOOO’!

The choice of rice for this recipe was Basmati rice, however you can use your preferred rice. Be creative with the flavours by adding fresh herbs, when the Jollof is done. Adding some diced Tomatoes and sliced Onions will give this dish that extra crunch.

You can also use Wagashi if you don’t have access to Halloumi. Wagashi is commonly found at Nima market and has a similar taste to Halloumi . Wagashi has a light and fluffy texture in comparison to Halloumi.




To make this quick Vegetarian Jollof recipe, you’ll need the following;

300g of the Smoky Salsa sauce

1 mediums sized sliced Onion

1 teaspoonful of Coconut oil

200g of diced  Halloumi or Wagashi

10g of chopped Coriander, Parsley or Greek Basil

1 levelled teaspoon of salt

250ml of Water or Vegetable stock

300g of Basmati rice



Watch how to make this quick and equally delicious recipe below;


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