Hurry up! We’re running late, bellowed my friend; just as my toaster clicked ‘ready’ and I quickly  buttered my hot Sourdough toast with Goats butter. We both chimed ‘hmmm’,  as we took few bites off the flavour packed toast and nodded our heads in unison.

When Miele asked, what paired well with Sourdough, I couldn’t resist sharing my simple favourite recipe.

A few days later,  an email from Miele stating I’ve won a place in the next baking masterclass came as a surprise and a welcomed distraction from a rather tough week.


I finally found the location for the class, as I stepped through the doors, eyed the amazing breads and pastries on display, just as I was told the class was cancelled. ‘It can’t be cancelled, I took a day off for this’, as I expressed my disappointment.

DSC_1167.JPG Chef Bertrand then decided to give us a quick lesson (I guess he was touched by our sad faces).


A quick introduction amongst ourselves had me smiling as I liked the energy and positive nature of the other ladies.

Chef Bertrand explained this was his first class, as he carefully guided us through the lesson and explained the science behind baking.


We mixed our individual dough under the strict instructions and watchful eye of Chef Bertrand, for Ciabatta, Focaccia and Sour Dough bread.  He patiently helped us get the right consistency for the dough, as I asked if I could swap mine for his, as I preferred his consistency.


Miele contacted us and offered their apology for any misunderstanding and advised a second class will be underway  in an hour.

Whilst waiting for the bread to proof, we were introduced to Chef Manuelle for our second lesson on how to make Rye bread and a starter.

The day couldn’t get any better, 2 lessons, free lunch and great company.

The class was informative, educational and above all,  I loved the passion displayed by both Chefs Bertrand and Manuelle. We walked a few doors down to Granger & Co in Chelsea, as we sipped  on Prosecco and enjoyed our respective food choices.

The concluding part of the class was baking what we made earlier,  in one of the numerous  Miele ovens.


The intoxicating smell of freshly baked bread with Rosemary filled the room, whilst the breads were baking and subsequently taken out of the oven.


We were given individual hampers to take home, which included our creations for the day, recipes , flour and ingredients to continue with our starter at home.

A Lesson Learnt; Don’t doubt your capabilities and don’t compare yourself to others! I exchanged my dough with Chef Bertrand, as I wasn’t happy with what I made. He then swapped it again with another student and guess what? The student won the best dough and bread.

The day turned out perfectly well as I enjoyed the company of everyone in the class, the passion of the Chefs and the opportunity  from Miele to make this a reality.

Watch excerpts of our memorable experience.


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