The tastiest Corned Beef Pie (TURNOVER)

Make this easy to follow Corned Beef Turnover recipe which is popularly referred to as Meat Pie in Ghana.

The recipe is inspired by the rich and flaky Ghanaian Meat Pie with a twist of flavour.

The Ghanaian Meat Pies in question are actually Turnovers if we have to go by the definition of a Pie.

Turnovers are known as pastries where the fillings are placed in the middle of each dough, folded, sealed and crimped whereby Pies are ingredients  typically baked in a pastry dough casing.

But then I prefer to name mine Ghana Meat Pies ooh!

There are 3 main elements that makes a perfect rich Ghanaian Meat Pie, namely;

*the crust of the pasty when baked should have a slight crunch

* the pastry needs to be moist when baked

* the filling needs  to be generous and equally moist

I have incorporated these 3 main elements and customised the recipe to help even a novice at cooking.

Typically you won’t find Caraway seeds in a Ghanaian Meat Pie (that’s a personal choice of mine which I highly recommend).

In the absence of Caraway seeds you can add Aniseed or omit it all together.


When mixing the short crust pastry be gentle with it and avoid overworking the dough. This will prevent the activation of the Gluten in the flour.

Add your liquids a little bit at a time to prevent an extremely wet dough.



300g of Self Raising Flour

25g of flour for dusting

150g of Cold Grated Butter

1 teaspoon of Salt

1 Egg Yolk

1 teaspoon of Caraway seeds (optional)

1 tablespoonful of Milk Powder or 60ml of Whole or Evaporated Milk


1 Marks and Spencer’s tin of Prime Corned Beef

100g of slow cooked Baby Plum/Cherry or Sun-dried Tomatoes

3 large sliced Banana Shallots or 2 large Onions

Half a teaspoon of Red Chilli flakes

Half a teaspoon of coarse ground Aniseed or Fennel seeds

1 tablespoonful of Olive Oil

1 tablespoon of Butter

2 tablespoonful of Greek Yogurt

Half a teaspoon of freshly milled Black Peppercorns

Add Salt to taste (this can be omitted as Corned Beef generally is salty)


Watch how to prepare this incredible Ghanaian inspired Corned Beef Pie (Turnover) recipe below;

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The Ghanaian Green Shito recipe

Introducing an all natural flavour packed sauce that doubles up as a marinade for Lamb or Goat Meat.

Im currently testing it with Chicken and I’ll update you with the verdict later.

The recipe makes for a mild, tangy Green Chilli Sauce with subtle hints of seafood and a smoky taste. For a spicier version you can use Green Habanero Chilli or Scotch Bonnet.

Add a few teaspoonful to your fried Rice, Scrambled Eggs or Potato salad. Use this sauce the way you would Ketchup and also as a marinade.

I’ve covered into detail, which type of spices to use for varied Meat products on my YouTube channel, ‘Ndudu by Fafa’, titled ‘The Beginners Guide to using Spices’.



100g of mild Green Chillies

150g of Pettie Belle Chillies (Kpakposhito) – in the absence of this Chilli you can increase the amount of mild Green Chillies to 200g and add 1 Green Bell Pepper

100g of Squid Rings/Scallops/Fresh Prawns/Snail

200ml of Rapeseed/Groundnut/Peanut oil

4 large Onions

4 cloves of Garlic

2 tablespoonful of Apple Cider Vinegar

200g of Parsley

70g of smoked Shrimps

Salt to taste



1 zest and juice of Lime

1.5kg shoulder of Lamb

1 tablespoonful of Cumin seeds or powder

1 tablespoonful of Salt to taste


Watch how to make this versatile all natural Green Chilli sauce below;

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All photos, recipes and videos are by the owner of this blog.