Flavour packed Palava Sauce recipe / Spinach Stew

Flavour packed Palava Sauce recipe / Spinach Stew

Family lets make this delicious Palava Sauce recipe which can be enjoyed woth your preferred carbohydrates. The sauce also works perfectly as a Sandwich filler

400g of cooked Spinach
6 Shallots or 3 large Onions
3 tablespoonful of Coconut oil
250g of Halloumi Cheese or Wagashi Cheese
1 levelled teaspoon of Buy Ndudu Dried Scotch Bonnet flakes or 1-2 fresh Scotch Bonnet
250g of fresh or tinned Tomatoes
1 large Red Bell Pepper
3 Mackerel tins in Olive oil or 3 large smoked Ghanaian Mackerel locally known as ‘Salmon’
1 Tomato based Mackerel Tin
80g of blended Melon seeds / 3 Egg Whites / 3 whole Eggs
70ml of water to soak the blended Egusi
5-8 Kasoa Peppers/ Green Chillies / 10 Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chillies)
1 tablespoonful of Buy Ndudu Koobi Seasoning blend (Cured Fish blend)
Salt to taste




Watch how to prepare this classic & creative Ghanaian Palava Sauce recipe (Spinach Stew) below;

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How to make the tastiest Kontomire Stew (Cocoyam leaves)

Kontomire (Cocoyam leaves) stew is a popular Vegetable stew from Ghana where one can add any protein of their choice.

To learn more about the health benefits and possible side effects of Cocoyam and its leaves including how to cook it perfectly, please click the video link below

This is a pescatarian recipe where 4 different types of Fish were used. In the absence of Cocoyam leaves you can use Spinach.


450g of pre cooked Cocoyam leaves or blanched Spinach

500g of smoked Mackerel

500g of grilled Salmon

2 tins of Tuna

40g of dried Anchovies (Abobi)

300g of (Egusi) Melon seeds mixed with 200ml of Water

3 large sliced Banana Shallots or any Onion of your choice

30ml of Zomi (spiced Palm Oil)

70g of Baby Plum Tomatoes or any Tomatoes

1 Habanero Chilli

20g of Ginger

4-5 mild Green Chillies

1 tablespoonful of an all natural All Purpose Spice

1 teaspoon of Chilli flakes

Salt and Pepper to taste


You can enjoy the stew on its own or serve with boiled Rice, Yam, Plantain etc


Watch how to prepare this popular Ghanaian Kontomire Stew below;

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