The traditional Ghanaian Beans and Plantain recipe (Vegan)

Honestly I wished I knew the individual who created this recipe for Ghana. This individual needs to be celebrated.

The textures and flavours of this rather simple Ghanaian dish is one you need to try.


The creamy slightly sweet flavour of the Black Eyed Beans pairs well with the crunchy  slightly fermented taste of the Gari including the candy like flavour of the fried Plantain.

The above flavour is then drizzled with a smoky and spicy Onion oil which makes it a Vegan powerhouse of flavour.

There’s another version of this recipe known locally as ‘Red Red’ as Red Palm Oil or Zomi (spiced Palm Oil) is used.


250g of Black Eyed Beans

1.2 litres of Water

Salt to taste



20ml of Coconut / Vegetable oil

1 large sliced Onion

5 chopped Green Chillies

Salt to taste

30g of Gari (grated fermented Cassava granules) or try my Breadcrumbs recipe


2 peeled and sliced Plantains

100ml of Vegetable Oil for frying

Salt to taste



Watch how to prepare this classic Ghanaian Vegan dish below;

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