Black Eyed Beans fritters recipe from scratch

Black eyed bean fritters is a popular West African snack, which is also enjoyed by Brazilians and Cubans. The dish was introduced to West Africa by the Hausa’s , who predominantly live in Nigeria and some parts of West Africa, such as Ghana, Sierra Leone, Cameroon etc
This is an improved recipe to achieve that crunchy outer layer and fluffy flesh. A recipe that mimics exactly what you buy from the Koose or Akara seller.
350g of peeled Black Eyed Beans
60ml of Water
2 large Banana Shallots
1 Habanero Chilli 
50g of Diced Bells Peppers
30g of chopped Spring Onions
1 medium sized diced Onion
Salt to taste
I have also shared 2 faster and favourite methods of how to peel your Black Eyed Beans below;
The batter must have a textured consistency to achieve the famous crunchy outer layer
The batter must be beaten till its aerated or has a soufflé consistency 
This can be achieved easily by using your hand mixer or stand mixer.
Please note it took between 15-20 minutes to achieve the perfect aerated consistency using my stand mixer
Heat your oil for 5-7 minutes on a medium heat and maintain that heat till you’re done frying.
The advantage of having the aerated batter consistency means your Akara cooks perfectly and will not be soggy.
Now you can enjoy your homemade Akara or Koose recipe.
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Watch how to prepare the perfect Akara or Koose recipe below;
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