Easy Homemade Evaporated Milk recipe

The bright blue sky suddenly turned grey as I quickened my steps to get home. The heavy rain drops and strong winds did not spare me at all as I opened the door to get into the house.

After changing into warm clothes, I clicked the kettle on for a cup of Tea as I wished for the inclusion of Evaporated milk.

I settled for the whole milk in the fridge and eyed my homemade Condensed Milk (which I needed for another recipe).

Whilst sipping my Tea I became curious about how Evaporated Milk was made and I was convinced I needed a thickener for the Milk.

My research into the making of Evaporated Milk just advised to boil the milk but no mention of any thickeners.

I boiled the Milk and got that distinctive Evaporated Milk taste but not the thick consistency. I tried another method which then yielded both the flavour and texture.

For this recipe you’ll need only 1 ingredient;

2.2 litres of Organic Whole (Full Fat) milk (which yields 500ml of Evaporated Milk).


Watch how to make this easy Evaporated Milk recipe below;

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