Quick no Yeast Dry Doughnut recipe

How about an Instant hot dry doughnut for an indulgent day?

During my research on food trends I came across the instant wet doughnut recipe and I quickly thought of a dry version (which is a firm favourite with most Ghanaians).

I looked in my fridge and I still had some homemade Yoghurt and Condensed milk left. I quickly checked my cupboards for self raising flour and voila it was there.

Doughnuts are found in most street corners in Ghana particularly at breakfast and at lunch time. Maybe things have changed since, as boutique food joints are springing across the country, hence might be available in the evenings.

Doughnuts are a universal favourite treat, where Ghanaians refer to them as Bofrot/Toogbei, Nigerians as Puff Puff, the Congolese Mikate, Liberians as Kala and in most Francophone African states as Beignet and there a similar versions known as Mandazi in Eastern and Southern Africa.

For this recipe I needed the gluten to be activated, hence I kneaded it for 10 minutes, allowed it to rest for 20 minutes and then kneaded it again and cut into golf sized balls. There’s no need to let the doughnut rise as it puffs up when fried.
Find the detailed recipe on how to make your own Condensed Milk below;


300g of self raising flour

200g of Greek Yogurt

4 tablespoonful of Condensed Milk

50g of Butter

2 tablespoonful of Vegetable Oil

30g of Self Raising flour for dusting

Optional pinch of Salt and grated Nutmeg.

300ml of  Vegetable Oil for frying.

Substitutes – In the absence of Greek Yoghurt, you can use Natural Yoghurt instead. As Natural Yoghurt has a liquid consistency use 150g.

If you don’t have Condensed Milk, add 2 tablespoonful of Sugar and increase the butter by 15g.

VERDICT– This recipe makes for a crunchy outer layer with a Gungy filling. For a drier filling do omit the oil.


Watch how to prepare this quick dry doughnut recipe below;

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