Picture this, freshly fried herrings served with the Ghanaian raw pepper, accompanied with your soft Kenkey 🤔.

Now imagine using smoked herrings instead. Have I got your attention.

Okay! Let’s start another ‘shenanigan’ of mine😜

Get to the point will you! Okay!


Now imagine the components of a typical Ghanaian raw pepper turned into a Salad, with the added measure of a crunch from pieces of smoked small herrings.


So now we have a smoky textured raw pepper flavour in a Salad.

This is what goes through my mind when I create a recipe.


3 Green chillies

1 medium sized peeled and sliced Onion

3 large Tomatoes

100g of peeled small smoked Herrings broken into pieces  (the ones used for the famous Ghanaian black chilli sauce known as Shito).

3 boiled Eggs

1 deseeded and diced Green pepper

2 tablespoonful of Coconut oil

8 leaves of Basil (Ghanaian Basil, Koklo fortie or Akuko Mesa)

Salt to taste



Add the Herrings to a bowl and drizzle with the Coconut oil

Add your chopped Chillies, Onions, Green Pepper, Tomatoes and Salt.

Mix till well combined.

Add the chopped Eggs and Basil.  Mix well and serve.

Enjoy this Salad with me (it’s what I’m having now).

I will  love to hear your feedback by leaving comments below.

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