Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl recipe

Honey Glazed Guinea fowl

Make this quick Honey Glazed Barbecued Guinea Fowl recipe and thank me later. The flavour profile is that of a sweet, salty and herbaceous nature which compliments the somewhat Haney flavour of the Guinea Fowl

The Herby and Edzè blend from http://www.buyndudu.com mixed with honey made this recipe.

To achieve this you’ll need to purchase the Palette box from https://buyndudu.com

1.2kg of Guinea Fowl
1 teaspoonful of Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with any herb of your choosing
4 tablespoonful of Olive oil
4 large quartered Onions
5 tablespoonful of Honey
1 teaspoonful of Herby Blend from Buy Ndudu (substitute with an Italian Herb mix)
1 teaspoonful of the Edzè blend from Buy Ndudu (substitute with Lime or Sumac)


Watch how to prepare this quick and flavourful Honey Glazed Guinea Fowl recipe below;

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