African fabrics are colourful and an extension of our never dull personalities. Each country has its own unique creation from the  handwoven Kente from Ghana, Bogolan cloth ( Mud cloth) from Mali, Batiks, Wax prints etc. Some fabrics are exclusively made by specific tribes which has a lot of meaning behind the designs.


In recent times African designers are proudly showcasing the African print in most of their designs. I’ll be showcasing more African fabrics and designs on this blog. Are you inspired yet to include more African prints into your wardrobe?

My sense of style is an extension of my playful and creative nature. The various looks above, combines both my passion for African food and African fabrics.  Ensure your style is unique to your personality, an extension of your personality and equally inspiring.

Please don’t be tempted to copy fashion blindly, rather find what suits your body shape and makes you comfortable (the key to an effortless look).


Personally my sense of style is dictated by how I feel on a daily basis; hence I could look demure, glamorous or eccentric somedays and at times outrageous.

I’ve decided to incorporate more African prints to my wardrobe and I’ll update this page with my new styles.

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Designed by Sadia Sanusi

‘Slit and Kaba’ is the national costume for Women in Ghana. The ‘Slit’ is a long fitted skirt which hugs the curves of women beautifully. The ‘Slit’ is  held up to the waist of the woman with an inserted string, which is then tied and secured. In modern times the string has been replaced with a zip, which gives the wearer a seamless fit.

The Kaba is a fitted top that sits beautifully on the Slit, yet again accentuating the curves of the woman.

The style of the Slit and Kaba can vary, from a simple look for an everyday wear or an elaborate look for special occasions.


Traditionally Kente is used to sew intricate and elaborate Slit and Kaba styles for Weddings,  Traditional marriages, Christening etc

It’s a colourful and cheerful affair when you attend an event and every lady is in ‘Slit and Kaba’, either made from African print or Kente.

Designed by Sadia Sanusi

I’ll talk about the beautiful Ghanaian Kente in a future post, but for now it’s all things  ‘Slit and Kaba’.

The ‘Kaba’ (top), works perfectly when paired with Jeans or a pencil skirt for a smart casual look. I tend to wear my ‘Kaba’ (top) most Fridays with Jeans and love the compliments I receive from my colleagues at work.


My choice of clothes  for filming season 2 of my Cookery show ‘Ndudu by Fafa’ on ABNTV, Sky 235, were Slits and Kabas. This was deliberate as I missed wearing them and secondly wanted the world to know about Ghanaian clothes and fashion.

Thanks Sadia Sanusi for designing such beautiful  clothes, within a short period of time and your incredible customer service.

What do you think about a ‘Kaba & Jeans’ Friday? Take a picture of your outfit, name the designer and the best looking designs will be featured on my blog and social media platforms.

All photos are by the owner of this blog.