3 New Lemonade flavours you must try

London is currently giving us a 4 seasons vibe in a day. It rained heavily a few minutes ago, then it was sunny, cloudy and now sunny again. I need a glass or two of my new Lemonade flavoured recipes to take all this in.



1 litre of Water

200g of Sugar

5 large Lemons

1 large Grapefruit

150g of Grapes

6 Basil leaves

4 Granny Smith Apples

Pinch of Salt (optional)



20g of fresh Mint leaves

20g of thinly sliced Ginger

1 thinly sliced Medium sized Lemon or 1 Lime

Pink Rose Petals

20g of thinly sliced Cucumber


Watch how to create 3 New Lemonade flavours below using everyday fruits and herbs

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