As flavours goes, the infusion of Rosemary into Strawberries is a complex aromatic blend. Be prepared for this adventurous flavour infusion.


The sweetness of the strawberries is enhanced by adding honey or brown sugar (optional), with the Rosemary stick infusing it’s oils with your last lolly bite, giving you an aromatic finish.

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200g of Strawberries

1 teaspoonful of honey or brown sugar (optional)

4 sprigs of Rosemary

Lolly stick or the Ghanaian chewing stick.



Remove the tips and leaves off Strawberries and wash.

Place your Strawberries into a blender together with your preferred sweetener (Sugar, Honey or Sweetner)

Blend till silky smooth and transfer it into. Your preferred cups or lolly containers

Insert your lolly stick and a sprig of Rosemary.

Freeze for about 3-4hrs


For an alcoholic version add about 30ml of Vodka and enjoy!

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