Sweet Potato Porridge (Nagoti Dzogbo)

Introducing a gluten free, quick, sweet (sugar free) and savoury breakfast is this indigenous Sweet Potato Porridge from the Eweland of Ghana called Nagoti Dzogbo.

Made from Sweet Potatoes and a few ingredients you’ll have this Nagoti Dzogbo  ready in under 10 minutes.

In Ghana there are different variations of this dish called Mpotompoto, where Fish stock is used as the base for the recipe.

The Chillies can be omitted from this recipe if it’s made for a toddler.


2 large peeled and diced Sweet Potatoes
1 medium sized Onion
5 Green Chillies (optional)
3 tablespoonful of Zomi (spiced Palm Oil)
180ml of Water
Salt to taste


Watch how to prepare this quick and filling Sweet Potato Porridge called Nagoti Dzogbo below;

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