Easy Homemade Cottage Cheese recipe

In my previous recipe post I made the West African Cheese known as Wagashi and proceeded to also make Cottage Cheese with the remaining Organic Whole Meal I had left.

The process of making Cottage Cheese is similar to making Wagashi. The similarities end where the Curd is separated from the Whey for Cottage Cheese.

In making of the Wagashi I used distilled White Vinegar, whereas for the Cottage Cheese I used Lime juice and infused the whole milk with Lemongrass.

You can omit the Lemongrass all together and also use Lemon instead of Lime.


4 pints or 2.2 litres of Organic Whole Milk

4 juice of Limes or 2 Lemons

2 optional crushed Lemongrass stalks

Please note you’ll need a Cheese Cloth for this recipe. In the absence of a Cheese Cloth, you can use an old washed and cleaned Pillow case.



You can serve your Cottage Cheese with any stewed fruit and drizzle with optional honey. Add some Cottage Cheese to your scrambled Eggs for a flavour packed Brunch or Lunch.


Watch how to make your own flavoured Cottage Cheese below;

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