Flavour packed Palava Sauce recipe / Spinach Stew

Flavour packed Palava Sauce recipe / Spinach Stew

Family lets make this delicious Palava Sauce recipe which can be enjoyed woth your preferred carbohydrates. The sauce also works perfectly as a Sandwich filler

400g of cooked Spinach
6 Shallots or 3 large Onions
3 tablespoonful of Coconut oil
250g of Halloumi Cheese or Wagashi Cheese
1 levelled teaspoon of Buy Ndudu Dried Scotch Bonnet flakes or 1-2 fresh Scotch Bonnet
250g of fresh or tinned Tomatoes
1 large Red Bell Pepper
3 Mackerel tins in Olive oil or 3 large smoked Ghanaian Mackerel locally known as ‘Salmon’
1 Tomato based Mackerel Tin
80g of blended Melon seeds / 3 Egg Whites / 3 whole Eggs
70ml of water to soak the blended Egusi
5-8 Kasoa Peppers/ Green Chillies / 10 Kpakposhito (Pettie Belle Chillies)
1 tablespoonful of Buy Ndudu Koobi Seasoning blend (Cured Fish blend)
Salt to taste




Watch how to prepare this classic & creative Ghanaian Palava Sauce recipe (Spinach Stew) below;

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