Superfood – Ginger & Clove drink recipe

Organic Ginger drink

Inspired by the Ghanaian Ginger Drink called ‘Emudro’ is my signature Superfood must have drink to enjoy anytime of the day. An immune boosting, anti inflammatory and healing Ginger and Clove drink recipe


200g of Organic Ginger
2 and a half Limes or 2 medium sized Lemons
1 Orange or Blood Ornage cut into slices
1 medium sized slized Cucumber
30g of fresh Mint
5 tablespoonful of Honey (to taste)
1 litre of purified Water
A pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt (Optional)

8 Cloves (Pepre)


Watch how to prepare this powerhouse of a Ginger and Clove drink recipe below.  The video contains detailed health benefits of each ingredient used.

DISCLAIMER: Even though all the ingredients used are natural, please ensure you consult a Health Professional particularly if you have a pre existing condition and are on medications for advise.


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