Quick & Creamy Iced Coffee Recipe


Quick & Creamy Iced Coffee recipe using the Senegalese Café Touba which is an African Spiced Coffee. In the absence of the Café Touba you can use Espresso or Coffee Granules for this recipe. Incase you’re feeling adventurous use the ingredients below to create your own Café Touba.


Café Touba
150g of roasted Coffee Beans
1 levelled tablespoon of Guinea Peppers
1 African Nutmeg
5 Cloves
5 Grains of Selim pods (Hwentia/Etso)
10g of fresh Ginger (optional)

Iced Coffee

55g of Café Touba or 2 tablespoonful of Coffee Granules mixed with 3 tablespoonful of hot water
50ml of Condensed Milk
300ml of full fat Whole milk
Ice cubes
Add Brown Sugar to suit your personal taste



Watch how make this quick and creamy Iced Coffee using Café Touba below;


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