Instant Fermented Banku / Akple (using A 100 year old trick)

Three years ago I shared a Cornmeal & Gari Banku recipe and in the comment section someone mentioned White Vinegar.

Prior to the comment left, Mum had suggested previously I add Vinegar when I had no fermented Corn dough to my mixture. The texture and flavour of the Banku remains the same.
I’ve since used this process and served many guests who have loved it.

If you’re in the diaspora and want to enjoy your Banku then this recipe is for you.

300g of Corn Meal
160g of Tapioca Powder
420ml of Water
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 80ml (if you’re using White Wine Vinegar – 40ml)
Salt to taste



Watch how to prepare this traditional Banku recipe below;

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