The recent weather in London  has been gloriously hot, which means more Salads, chilled juices, Sorbets, Picnics etc. I decided to make a quick salad with the Watermelon I had in the fridge.

Growing up in Ghana, the Watermelon and Mango season were my absolute favourite. I’ll confidently say, I became a self appointed connoisseur of the aforementioned fruits; much to the chagrin of the fruit sellers. I used to pick the Watermelon  to check its heaviness and for the creamy yellow patch at the bottom to ensure its ripeness.


Moving to London, I quickly deduced the best Watermelon were from the local grocers. The closest to a perfectly ripened , deep coloured, sweet and crunchy Watermelon (which I enjoyed in Ghana) are available in most Asian grocers. The best part is, they’re mostly cut open, wrapped in cling film, making the decision process much easier.

As I picked the quartered perfectly ripened Watermelon, with a bunch of fresh Mint, I knew I had a choice of making Watermelon and Mint juice, Slushies  , Granita, Sorbet, Salads and even grill it. I placed the Watermelon in the fridge and enjoyed a few slices on its own.

I opted to make this simple sweet , crunchy and salty salad today and couldn’t wait to share the recipe . Salt has been omitted from this dish as the Feta is salty.

Enjoy this refreshing Salad. Don’t forget to subscribe, try the recipe, leave comments about your experience and share. Let’s start mixing..



250g of  chilled Watermelon

10g of fresh Mint

50g of cubed Feta cheese



Deseed the Watermelon , separate the flesh from its rind and cut into sizeable cubes.

Transfer the Watermelon into a bowl and add the diced Feta.

Add the chopped fresh Mint and mix till well combined.

Refrigerate the salad for 20 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse.

Serve as a starter or enjoy it on a hot sunny day, as part of a picnic.


If you don’t have access to Feta cheese, try using grilled Halloumi or the fried Wagashi (the Ghanaian cheese) and thank me later.

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